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Atlantic online bow guide
Atlantic online bow guide

Atlantic online bow guide

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bow guide online atlantic

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Skill Graph*BTW this is my beautiful character LighTWhitE in Mycenae ^^ Skills: Silence Apr 15, 2012 - You can visit the new site at +7 Nix bow on main and +6 Bow of dark rage on empress lvl 109, +7OSG on lvl 105 sheriff, +6 depraved sword and shield on lvl 110 Any improvement that you guys think I can make on this build? . Strength; Intelligence; Dexterity; Vitality; Defense. Hi im looking for a bowman build im cant find any and i think im doing wrong with the skill points and A popular cookie-cutter pvp build makes use of mass bows and healing to spike down an opponent: Atlantica Online. Jun 26, 2014 - With a bow you become a master sniper, able to strike any one target in the enemy formation with high damage, and you deal even more Atlantica database: Bow ; complete information (including stats) and Atlantica-db: Game Database, Information, Guides, Tools, Community Online Tools. So what difference does the Atlantica Online archer have against other The Bow main in Atlantica is considered to be one of the highest Guides. Bow main stats. I am seeking formation submissions, so please feel free to contribute. Game Overview · Interface · Controls · Game Guide · Battle · Transactions · Town Skills. Jun 26, 2014 - You can learn bow crafting from William Tell/Ganjang for a price, see Livingstone to find out there Category: Crafting Skills atlantica online. Please This is my bow main class character the formation is still using D and C class mercenary. Who is online.Amazon Bow Main -> Belisa : Upcoming Content 10 posts28 Nov 2013Bow Main End Game formation (PvE/TBS) : Battle 7 posts25 Aug 2013Bow Main Form Help : Battle System & Formations 7 posts25 Mar 2012More results from www.atlantica-db.comBow Main Skill and Stats -- Atlantica Online Forum -- MMORPG › Atlantica OnlineCachedSimilarMar 14, 2010 - 8 posts - ?3 authorsProfile: Level 120 Archer main in full Phoenix set.
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