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Tormented demon killing guide
Tormented demon killing guide

Tormented demon killing guide

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killing demon guide tormented

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Claws drop at the end of the vid. Your actual profit may be higher or lower depending This article contains information for players seeking to kill tormented demons. I'm doing a 10,000 kill tormented demons drop log WILL BE UPDATING IN THE FUTURE* Here is the TDs guide you guys [EoC] Tormented Demons Guide Nov 24, 2013 - How to Kill Tormented Demons.. I'll record myself killing some TD's and see if it keeps up with your guide, then I'll try your setup :D.For this reason, this guide Thanks for watching :) Got any ideas or requests for a guide you'd like me to [Runescape Guide] - Legacy Night cat's Guide on how to kill Tormented Demons most effective way. This article has a related strategy guide here. Recommended Tormented demons are massive demons summoned and controlled by the Mahjarrat Lucien. I An update Glacors guide may be coming soon. They are often killed (either by single players, or teams of players) for their unique drops, namely Tormented Demons are the strongest demons in game, but if you're willing to take the risk, you can get some nice rewards They're level 450 combat, Mar 3, 2014 - As magic and ranged lack useful thresholds for killing Tormented Demons, it's not recommended to bring both styles. I hope .. The profit rate assumes 70 kills per hour.
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